3 Seller’s Tips to Create Curb Appeal That Helps Seal the Deal

First impressions start at the curb, which is why you should be courting potential home buyers from the moment they set their eyes on your home. The exterior sets the tone for the rest of the viewing so if brows are furrowing before buyers even enter your home, it’s time to act. With these three tips, you can bring new life to your home’s exterior and stand out in the neighborhood at low-cost….

3 Ways to Stage Your Home for Success

Think about the last time you had friends over for dinner. Chances are in the hour leading up to it you were vacuuming, wiping surfaces, arranging the decorative couch pillows, putting things in drawers, and anything else to make it look less “lived in”. This is all to maintain the illusion that your house always looks this good on a weekday with two kids and a dog…..

Investing in Real Estate: Go it alone or with the help of a REALTOR®?

Why hire a REALTOR® at all?

Simply put, unless you have a family background or a personal history with investment properties, be it in construction, rezoning or buying a multi-unit or rental property, you need the help of someone who is going to act as a kind of “mentor”; someone to help you figure this whole thing out.  Investing in real estate involves dealing with dozens of variables and if you don’t have the knowledge and experience to know when to passively or proactively react to them, you’re setting yourself up for potential disaster….

4 Precautions When Moving with a Pet

Moving can be very disruptive from your pet’s perspective.  They see their home being torn apart, their owners are stressed, and strangers are passing through more frequently. They don’t have the benefit of understanding why this is happening, so it’s no surprise that they can feel as stressed as you do about the move.  For a smooth transition to your new home, these four tips can help you to avoid the common pitfalls and stressors associated with moving with a pet…..

4 Tips to Make Your Home Office a Productivity Powerhouse

Flexible working arrangements are changing the landscape of the modern workplace. One’s home is being increasingly seen as a viable place to do business for many reasons including taking care of young children, avoiding long commutes, or working during off-hours. While the convenience is enticing, there are also downsides to working from home.  Here are four important ways to keep your home office a productivity powerhouse and not a den of distractions:….

3 Tips to Upsizing Your Happiness When Downsizing Your Home

Don’t take the term “downsizing” as negative.  When it comes to our home, it’s not unusual to think that trading in for a smaller space is somehow a step backwards. Instead, consider this transition as “rightsizing” – strategically aligning your living situation with your lifestyle.  The following are three helpful tips to help ensure that just your home and not your happiness gets downsized…..

What It's REALLY Like Living With Open Kitchen Shelving

The debate between open shelving and closed cabinets in the kitchen divides many people. Some find the look charming, but hate the practicality of it. Others think it looks messy, but wonder if they'd use their stuff more if they could see. And many other opinions in between abound. So I asked some folks who live with open shelving in their kitchen every day to share the real truth....

5 IKEA Hacks All Recent Movers Should Know About

Just when you mastered your home's most menacing decor challenges (lack of storage, too little light, too much light…), it's time to move and do it all over again. You may feel like you've been saddled with an interior design Rubik's Cube–you've got all the pieces (the dressers, the side tables, the lamps), but can't quite work out how to arrange everything seamlessly.....

Burning Leaves? 6 Things to Know Before You Start

Rake, rake, repeat! That activity seems to sum up many homeowners’ autumn weekends, and just when you think you’re off leaf duty for the day, a passing breeze can scatter your piles and shake your trees enough to unleash a whole new carpet to deal with. No wonder the thought of burning leaves is so tempting! Before you set fall foliage en fuego, it’s important to understand the risks, rules, and rewards of the practice—so read on prior to firing up....

Sherwin-Williams' New 2018 Color Collection of the Year Is Out of This World

This year, we've reached a whole new level of obsession with outer space. For starters, Mars will be at its brightest from July 27 to July 30 when it comes closest to Earth — looking the best it ever has in 15 years. Also on July 27, the blood moon will make a very special appearance. This year, it'll be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. For space aficionados, this is an incredibly exciting time to step outside, tilt your head back and look up at the night sky. But when all is said and done, what then? To fill the void, here’s a simple solution: bring the outer space indoors....

How to Clean 9 of the Toughest Spots Around the House

What’s the one spot in your home that you dread cleaning the most? Maybe it’s the toilet, or the greasy stovetop, or that moldy shower curtain. If the mere thought of these dirty, grimy messes is making you cringe, don’t worry, we’ve called in reinforcements. To figure out the best way to clean these tricky areas, we asked Debra Johnson, home cleaning expert at Merry Maids, and Donna Smallin Kuper, a certified home cleaning technician and author of Cleaning Plain & Simple, for their professional advice. Armed with their best tips and tried-and-true tools, these problem spots will sparkle in no time....