Are you interested in photography? Did you just get a fancy new camera as a gift? Do you want to learn how to use that thing? If you answered yes to any of these things, then have I got some great news for you....

Renee Mckenna Photography, THE Renee Mckenna herself (that's me), is now offering courses! Say what?! I know, you thought you would never see this day come, but it's here, and I could not be more excited! I am kicking off with the basics, so be sure to check back in for new courses and updates!

I have been hustling hard here in my 20's to become a true entrepreneur, running a photography business and many other ventures on my path to success. I will never stop chasing my dreams and creating new dreams, and what I have accomplished so far has not come without it's hardships. Many industry leaders whom I look up to talk about fear getting in the way, and I struggle with this all the time, as many do. The thing I've realized is that I have a nack for teaching, mentoring and leading the way, without me even realizing I could have been putting those traits to good use. 

Although there will be people everyday that will try to tear others down, I truly feel passionate about a community over competition environment. I WANT to see others succeed! I WANT to lift others up! I WANT to educate and empower others that have the same dreams! The notion your success is my success could not ring anymore true. There is so much access to knowledge out there, but the advantage to joining a course with me is the uplifting atmosphere, the face to face education, meeting others in the local community, and truly building relationships that last beyond the "classroom."

All you need for this course is a Digital SLR camera. Don't have one yet? Still asking yourself what camera should I buy? Check out this helpful article HERE to help you decide!